• How Can I Remove My Name from an Online Database?

We have all done it: put our names into a search engine and see what came up. You may have been surprised at how much private information is out there for the public to see. Immediately, many of us ask:

  • How can I remove my name from an online database or directory?
  • How can I take my name off an internet listing?
  • How can I opt-out of an on-line database?

You have encountered a reality of our contemporary world where many, many organizations have our private data and many are unscrupulous in sharing that data. They should not share our private information unless we grant permission. Some never acquire that permission; others do so on the sly, perhaps in tiny print on forms. Even worse, many of those organizations sell our data, making money off our private information. PC World has a good article on the dangers that you can read here.

Internet security and identity theft is outside my range of expertise, though a client asked me to help with a problem she had. I learned that you can take steps to remove your name from an internet directory, though you may need to contact each directory to remove your name from that directory and you will need to monitor them to make sure your name does not re-appear.

There is a company, Reputation.com, that will do this work and monitor your name, but they charge a monthly fee ($8.25 per month) and do not cover all databases (for example, they cannot help with Intelius.)  I have not used this service, so I cannot vouch for it.

Common Online Databases and How to Remove Your Name or Data

Here are some of the most commonly used databases and how you can remove your name from them:

  • Spokeo: This site declares that this is not your grandma’s white pages. You can remove your listing on Spokeo here.
  • Intelius:  Click here to learn how to remove your information from this site.
  • Google Listings: If you find your name in a Google listing, they have a form to remove it. You can find that information here.
  • U.S. Search: A popular listing used for phone records, they provide a service to remove your name from their site. Click here to learn more.
  • FullNameDirectory and DOBSearch: You can learn how to remove your name from these listings by clicking here.
  • Acxiom: Click here to learn more about their privacy policy and how to opt-out of their directory. You can click here to get their opt-out request form.
  • 555-1212.com: They use local telephone data and say to remove names from their listing one needs to contact one’s local phone company. They have more information on their privacy policy here.
  • White Pages: An online version of the old-fashioned telephone book white pages, they make it easy to remove your name from their listings. You can learn more here.

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